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Control Panel

Control Panel

Control panels are made using of Quality material & then body is powder quoted which increases the life of panel body & panel components. Use of VFD in all Motions enables smooth, noise free operations with safety. Plug & Play Type socket connectors are easy to install &easy to maintain. Single Phase Preventer to save panel components from damages occurring due to single phasing or change in phase sequence.

Crystal also provides Customized control panel to suits various requirements of client's.


Modular Design is compact in size but sturdy in operation.
VFD enables jerk less Smooth & Noise free operations.
VFD ensures safety through tripping interlock.
Optimum performance with minimum power consumptions.
Geared Brake Motors with disc brake from standard manufacturer like SEW, Nord, IC Bauer & MGM Varvel for all motions no external coupling no alignment problems, hence maintenance is reduced.
Disc Brake Life is higher than conventional brakes
Disc Brake with hand release lever gives you additional support to take your load to ground even in the absence of power supply
Direct drive live axle execution type wheel assembly i.e. no floating shafts to maintain, no oiling or greasing required.
Panel with Plug & Play Type socket connectors easy to install & easy to maintain, no loose connections
Double Safety Interlock in Hoisting Motion & Heavy Duty limit switches in Cross Travel & long Travel motions.
Cable Trailing Through Double Track festoon system & Drag Chains, very smooth in operations increases life of the crane cables
Hardened wheels less were &tear & increased life.
Customized solutions as per the varying requirements.